Aluminium Seamless Pipe Are Very Suitable For The Construction Industry

Aluminium seamless tube are very suitable for the construction industry, residential and horticultural as well as penetration, fair construction, balcony construction, private applications or wall coverings.

Aluminium seamless tube are very suitable for the construction industry, residential and horticultural as well as penetration, fair construction, balcony construction, private applications or wall coverings. Due to its high geometric moment of inertia and low weight, it is also suitable for various do-it-yourself repair beams. The untreated heat hardening alloy surface gives the workpiece a beautiful appearance and practical design, making it an ideal choice for decorative surfaces, thus scoring in terms of interior accessories, even though it has the same good weather characteristics. Naturally bright wrought alloys are drawn into frame profiles, and their possible applications are limited only by imagination.


The possibility of this seamless outline size shows great diversity; The thickness starts from 1 mm to 6 mm. The width of the seamless tube starts from 10 mm to 150 mm. Of course, the thickness of the pipe adapts to the stiffness, so it is necessary to have the corresponding wall thickness for the larger profile width. The total length of the profile starts from 100 mm and can be adjusted in the size calculator of the article up to 3000 mm.


If you decide to configure and order one or more customized aluminum seamless tubes, you only need to select the required items, determine the number of pieces according to the corresponding freely adjustable profile length, and then click the shopping basket button to place them in the digital shopping basket on the shopping cart. Then you can go shopping as usual. At the end of the purchase, just go to checkout and continue the payment process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the best aluminium product manufacturer through Email


Aluminum seamless tube - a multifunctional material for many industries

Because of its shape, seamless tubes made of aluminum have the characteristics that make them more universal than open profiles. It is not only impressive for its higher buckling stiffness, but also can realize the stress optimization of two planes in the case of bending stress. Compared with round pipe, the advantage of aluminium seamless pipe is that it can be welded and screwed flat. In addition, with the help of angle steel connection, it can be easily built into a stable frame structure. Cavities in aluminium seamless tubes can be effectively used to increase load capacity or fire resistance or to accommodate supply lines.


Aluminium seamless tubes is very popular in these industries, including:

  • Hall and Exhibition construction,
  • Door and window construction,
  • Furniture industry,
  • Automobile, aircraft and shipbuilding,
  • Sports equipment production,
  • Shop decoration and
  • Plant engineering.


Aluminum seamless tube also has many potential applications in the field of technology. You can make separate frames and fillings for the garden gate of the aluminium seamless, or you can make door systems for property boundaries, railings, or balcony railings.

Private aluminium seamless tube: aluminum seamless tube is not only suitable for professional work, but also suitable for DIY projects in families and gardens. Whether you're building a trellis or a frame for a tool shed - aluminium seamless tubes are ideal for garden use because of their high corrosion resistance and weather resistance. aluminium seamless can also be used in houses in many ways, such as as as a material for fashionable wine racks, as a basic frame for homemade tables or as cable ducts.


Ordering party management In CHAL

Whether you need to use the aluminium seamless for professional purposes or for your garden at home - with alufritze, you're in the right place. Since there is no minimum order quantity for this article, do it yourself and amateurs who want to use pipes in the garden or at home can also contact us. Just tell us your wish through our online configurator and we will deal with everything else.


This is how it works

Step 1: click "to configurator" to configure the aluminium seamless tube according to your requirements and needs.

Step 2: enter the required length in the appropriate field.

Step 3: select the required size from the drop-down box.

Step 4: enter the desired number in the quantity field.

Step 5: click the green area, put your aluminium seamless tube into the shopping cart, and complete the order process.