Problem A: The NC Launcher begins the game .

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While you don't deal much PvE damage, the advantage is that you're unstoppable. You're never down and are able to make wise use of your mantras and aion classic kinah some mana pots. This makes leveling more straightforward in general.

Be aware of what the playerbase is doing on LFG. If you don't know what something is, talk to the leader. Sometimes it's an exp grinding group!

in a note about the topic of the day - take advantage of group grinds , which makes your life easier as you not having good gear doesnt matter so much. And the time spent is really beneficial !

grinding spots ( asmo ) until about level 30 , that'l give you an idea of grinding spots that are exp

You can also craft to pass the time or just for fun. I'd set my work orders and then leave to do something else for a few minutes before returning to set some more. Crafting was the most effective way to achieve several levels. It filled in some the XP gaps for me.

If you're unsure of how to weave auto attacks, it could boost your dps. This is basically cancelling your auto attack by using a skill. You must wait for the auto attack to happen before you cancel the attack using skills. It can be done so fast that you won't even be able to view the auto-attack animation but the damage will still be visible. You can do it on chain skills So basically, you can you can do it every skill phase on the chanter.

Crit manastones can be a fantastic option. It's going to be difficult to acquire the kinah in the moment but you could start placing them in the top gear that you'll keep for some time. Crit is a chanter's most powerful DPS stat , and with it you can knock down on your target. Just keep at it until you've reached 440, which will not happen until much later.

Problem A: The NC Launcher begins the game . The NC logo appears on a black screen. The black screen remains on for indefinitely. Typically, when the game launches smoothly, it'll display the one color Aion splash and go to the login background screen.

Additional Issues: When this occurs, the computer becomes virtually locked. Even though the alt tab displays the windows, the blackscreen takes over them and makes it inaccessible to open any other program. Similar to trying to get task manager up to close it. To stop the softlock, I'm required to use the windows key to login (which is the process of closing all programs currently running). Logging in again takes me back to the beginning.

Additional glitches: I've observed the euro aion classic buy kinah game run randomly through the blackscreen before getting to the Aion splash. It's fine after that, and then it goes to the login screen. The frequency in which this happens randomly is not acceptable to play with.