Equip this and you will begin to perform your job

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Hello! I've been working in OSRS Items fishing trawlers and was thinking it could be fun raiding and destroying other ships, just like in cabin fever. Here's the plan... Shiperwrecker's start point: portphasmytas chat to the captianfishy. He will tell you that he requires a new crew to help him for twenty minutes at a time. If you agree to help him you can start the minigame. Talk with the captain's brother, Captain Railey if you'd like to join.

The minigame can be started by entering either of Captain Fishy's or Captain rady’s vessels. You will be asked by the mirstmate if you are ready to set off. The minigame will begin after you have answered yes.

The minigame offers you and the other players the chance to select whether to be either a raider or a fisherman. The guardian of the supplies will hand you the necessary items. Inform him of your preference is to be a fisherman or hunter. If you choose "Raider", you will be given a sword, gloves and a pair of pirate pants, a hat, jacket and boots. You will get a striped tunic and striped trousers if you are fishing.

Equip this and you will begin to perform your job. Fisherman's job. Fisherman are responsible for catching fish, fixing leaks and cooking it. You will need a harpoon to catch. Sometimes, the wall may break and you could fall out and be captured by an enemy boat.

There are a variety of fish available, from sharks to shrimp. (You will only be allowed to fish if you have the fishing and cooking abilities are adequate.) In order to buy OSRS Fire Cape repair leaks, find the source of the leak, and repair it. There are times when you might slip and hurt yourself.