The clerks will those maintaining the shop

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Player Owned Shops: Skill: Have your shop. You can have individuals that assist customers who work in the shop the clerks. You can have the people who bring the things to RS gold your store (Woodcutters, Miners, Smithers etc.). And then you have the acountant who will handle all the buisness's funds. When it is a little store it's owner. When it is a president it's a larger store, but not enormous. If it's a company wiith many shops and alot of workers he is called the CEO.

Player Owned Shops is not a skill. The Owner of the store, store or buisness, can make unique shops. When it is a larger firm, they can have a max of 5 stores. It can have just one type of thing (I.E. Logs, Ores and bars, runes etc.). This is so POS will not compete with NPC owned shops. You can start off with a single store. Players may get into the shop using a POS portal (In same city's as POH's). The client can come in and use the option'Trade Store Owner' to find an inventory of things, just like in NPC stores.

Then they could pick purchase 1, 5, 10, or All. After they select that a note will come up in the chat screen saying"Purchase petition delivered to owner." This is only in case the owner does not want to sell all of his stock and desire to spare some of his inventory, because they're low on the item. The owner will have the ability to set the prices (No more or less than GE costs ). Prices could be adjusted based on fluxuating GE costs. Now onto the workers.

The clerks will those maintaining the shop, repairing cracks in the ceiling, stocking materials and cash. The workers will soon be out on the front lines getting materials for the shop. Logs, Ore, Bars, Runes etc.. The owner will then purchase the items from the employees, who are officially a part of the buisness. Accountants are the ones who take money to the lender, calculate daily income and give revenue during certain intervals in time. They are also the financial advisors to the Owners. The person who owns the buisness can shoot any employee at any moment.

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