It would b rly cute if u could leave something in my bulletin board:3??

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You won't believe this application but I'm applying here, on the Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket plank I plan on moderating. Feel free to disregard this post like you dismiss many articles from the sub.

I'll answer the questions if I feel like you would think about them.

I encourage everyone to socialize - it's a celebration! Show off your emotes, dance with a stranger, or simply run around in circles! ??

Island rules include no choosing flowers :-RRB- and please adhere to this group! If you get lost, just give me a holler and I will come catch you??

We'll be meeting on the dance floor while we wait for everyone to get there. You will see us on the dance floor. The excursion takes abt and hour (I have 6 homes lol) but it's fine if you can't make it through the entire thing! ??

Should I get over 7 answers I will be performing more than one round, so don't hesitate to reach out if you'll be on for a while! ??

Comment in game name for dodo. Comments/dodos with ac titles will take priority over those that do not??

Plz don't complain to me abt traffic / there are different individuals flying in so that you will likely get interference. There's nothing that I can do abt itif ppl have windows available I'll ask them to close them but that's really all I can do??

It would b rly cute if u could leave something in my bulletin board:3??

Going to open my island up to a individuals, decluttering my storage and I've got quite a few diys that I'd like to give away because it's just making my beach look too messy! Do not need anything in return, pieces of clothing, items, wallpaper, flooring! Dm me for a dodo code, just taking 1 at a time! Come see what I've got, consider what you want! :-RRB-))

Celeste is here, trapped in the far back left side of the island. Go into the far back left, cross the bridge, and she's trapped at the top of the incline right there. There are also shooting stars, I have laid out spoiled turnips from the horse stable to the left of my airport so you can catch an ant if needed, but please don't take any of Cheap Animal Crossing Items those spoiled turnips, AND I have also got a DIY T1L1 right there from the horse stable as well, so come ready. Message for Dodo. Entry fee is hardwood or iron.