The Heroes Guild can do with RuneScape

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The mace is a little bit tricky. Something that this feeble ought to runescape 2007 gold be made faster. It can not be made more powerful because then it would outclass the warhammer like how the scimitar outclasses that the longsword. These are small changes that I hope will have a big impact on how well every weapon is compared to eachother.

Hey all. I've never posted a topic in here, but I enjoy suggesting stuff and assisting form others tips to acceptable. This city has been under relentless attack from the mountain trolls, however there are not any signs of damage in the town, no tired soldiers sitting against crates, their claws , drinking tea or eating. What Jagex must do, is remodel Burthope therefore it looks interesting. And by remodel, I mean alter everything within it. Sure, the buildings are perfectly, but isn't it time that the old armor animators looked somewhat fresher?

And maybe, the Heroes Guild can do with a freshen up, make the dungeon seem a bit more scary, as well as the fountain of Heroes seem amazing. I play High Detail, and notably around Burthope I detect things which can be made better. Before you post, can you put in constructive criticism on approaches to enhance this suggestion, and at a week if I am satisfied that it's got better I'll place it on the Runescape Forums.

The Lootshare upgrade had also contained: A change was made into the mechanics when a player is killed by a creature. Your items will remain on the ground only visible to you for a minute should you wish to return to recover them. After that, anyone nearby will have the ability to see them. Previously, if a player died to some monster the items were appearing immediately for everyone.

Though this can help a bit, it has many defects. As an example, if you had expired because your net stopped working and it took you more than a minute to fix it, your thing would have been already public or possibly even gone. This time problem is also the situation when you die far away from Lumbridge, or wherever you spawn. If it takes you too long for a lender, buy a teleport, teleport, then run to buy RuneScape gold your items, chances are your things are now gone.