They will suffice for everything

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Similarly, if a monster is weak to Crush, like Jadinkos, this implies melee is the most true attack style against them, and OSRS gold Crush is your very best style. (Although at high levels, your gear is usually great enough that there is no massive difference.) In conclusion, maintain your Dragon scimitars, and don't buy other melee weapons. They will suffice for everything that is weak to melee.

Similarly, stick to double wielding range and magic. I'm guessing you do not have anti flame potions, so steer clear of dual wielding. Also, dual wielding allows the use of a shield and the Rejuvination/Resonance abilities. Similarly with elemental charms. Personally, I've a ton of elemental runes stashed up, so I always just use the monster's particular weakness. It is up to you however, you are going to hit well enough with atmosphere spells.

If you are playing in EoC, then you need ton't have to use protection prayers all this much. Don't bother wasting money on these unless you anticipate using Soul Split, Turmoil, or the Zealot boosted normal prayers.

Wow I didn't know that Dragonrider was crashing so challenging. I second the above post (I can't call him Rene.) In that it's not really worth buying greater melee weapons than you already have. Exploiting a creature's specific weakness is a +15% precision boost, so it is useful but not much against weak creatures.

The God Staff will be your cheapest option for 60 magic, and it is pretty great also. There's some grifolic equipment that is economical to go with this. The Master Wand from the Mage Arena is fairly expensive. You might too take advantage of the magical certain weaknesses as you simply need to Cheap RS gold change spell and not weapon. Prayer pots are good for critters you have a difficult time with. But as the above post states, you can use the healing skills in place of these generally. Prayer pots are fairly cheap now (3k each?) Too, but you shouldn't utilize prayer everywhere just to save money and it's not vital.