Commonly repeated villager dialogue isn't worth posting about

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But, I would Animal Crossing Items encourage a spoiler tag for some events/items (e.g., toy afternoon, festivale) and particularly for items that may only be accumulated from finishing that event (such as the festivale float) or which can only be obtained through hacking (instead of an item accumulated through TT and exchanged to a participant who doesn't TT), maybe prior to the event is unlocked/has started in the last period zone/items are added into the game and believed"tradeable" without hacking.

ETA: Allowed, screenshots of gamers using hacked things bothers me most, not because they"spoil" (especially if they are in the trailer), but since the comment threads wind up being full of folks asking how/where to acquire the things when they aren't available to most players. Once they're formally accessible whether in TT or real time, fine.

Commonly repeated villager dialogue isn't worth posting about. It's not adding anything to the subreddit

landmarks are exciting for new players but need some organization. Either a given day of the week for posting them (or even have them enabled on the evenings ) or a megathread

Pictures taken of the console display are nice as long as the image is discernible. There's no point posting photos with so much glare which I can't see what's happening. HQ pictures are simple to access a phone with the newest update. (I saw the post with the switch buy bells new horizons in the microwave. It was insane)